Dwarr: Animals (DC443)




Drag City/Yoga Records
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DC443 /Y5
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All Tracks

  1. Animals 3:18

  2. Cannabinol: The Function 2:37

  3. That Deadly Night 3:37

  4. Are You Real 4:14

  5. Chocolate Mescaline 2:23

  6. Ghost Lovers 4:26

  7. Just Keep Running 2:53

  8. Evil Lures 2:00

  9. Lonely Space Traveler 4:00

  10. Time 2:07

  11. Heavy Vibrations 3:08

  12. Electric Shock 2:32

  13. Lucky Star 4:13

About this product


"I was working 12 hour shifts down at the sweat factory. One day, I was having a bad day and had a problem with one of the older guys. All of a sudden he pulled his packing knife out on me. I felt a rage running up through me and went running at him. He put the knife away very quickly. That night I had the dream for the title song ANIMALS. In the dream, I ate the human flesh, I crushed the human bone, I was an animal." -- Duane Warr

Originally released in 1986 on Brand X. This reissue is a co-production with Yoga Records.