Meg Baird: Seasons on Earth (DC470)

Meg Baird

Seasons on Earth


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Babyon 2:37

  2. Stars Climb Up the Vine 7:25

  3. Share 6:19

  4. Even Rain 3:04

  5. Friends 5:57

  6. Beatles And The Stones 3:17

  7. The Finder 4:42

  8. The Land Turned Over 4:37

  9. Stream 6:40

  10. Song For Next Summer 6:20

About this product

Meg's coming out from the underground like a flower into the light, and with her soul baird, she's making some intense music and singing so sweet with a renewed lease on life! She had joy, she had fun, she had Seasons on Earth. A fine pick for pickin'!