The Yellow River Boys: Urinal St. Station (MDP-005)

The Yellow River Boys

Urinal St. Station


Million Dollar Performances
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All Tracks

  1. Hot Piss 3:00

  2. Honky Tonk Piss Club 3:06

  3. Slurp It Up 3:49

  4. Piss Me Off 3:49

  5. Mr. Mudd 3:44

  6. Truck Stop Piss Club 3:17

  7. Hot Piss Blues 2:41

  8. Someone to Piss on Me 3:25

  9. Piss Pig Freak 2:32

  10. Hot Piss Drinker 6:03

About this product

THE album for those of us who believe that the human mouth smiles the most when it is being used as a makeshift urinal. Underground leaders of the pee-freak scene, your shame no longer has to be private!