The Yellow River Boys

The Yellow River Boys - Greatest Hits


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  1. Hot Piss 3:00

  2. Truck Stop Piss Club 3:17

  3. Slurp It Up 3:49

  4. Honky Tonk Piss Club 3:06

  5. Hot Piss Blues 2:41

  6. Mr. Mudd 3:44

  7. Piss Me Off 3:49

  8. Piss Pig Freak 2:32

  9. Someone to Piss on Me 3:25

  10. Hot Piss Drinker 6:03

About this product

The greatest hits of one of the most influential rock bands of the last thirty years! Speaking for all of us who believe that the human mouth smiles the prettiest when it is washing down a mug of warm piss, The Yellow River Boys use their God-given musical talents to make their personal choice a matter of universal appeal, with golden rock arrangements, great guitar solos and sing-along choruses by the jugful!