Bill Nace



Drag City
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  1. Part 1 8:54

  2. Part 2 4:26

  3. Part 3 4:06

  4. Part 4 3:32

  5. Part 5 3:17

  6. Part 6 10:45

  7. Part 7 3:02

  8. Part 8 4:09

About this product

Free guitar for the new age: improv with intention, construction and destruction, all with the grain and air of performance captured and telescoped in a sonic particle collider. Makes sense, and not just because of the chaotic times. With Both, terminal collaborator Bill Nace (Body/Head, Thurston Moore) has found a stimulating, chiaroscuro-stubbled path back to the electric guitar's anarchic promise, drawn through eight colorful pieces that are equal parts sound, noise and music. 

Attention all under-rock-dwellers; the physical release of this record has been delayed due to the current pandemic (look out your window/cave entrance!). As this music is (incorrectly-labelled) government-mandated 'non-essential' contraband, we cannot yet determine when the means of production will be available to make this physical product for you. We will keep you updated as we know more. Meanwhile, the digital release date will remain the same.