Box of Chocolates

Fearful Symmetry


Drag City
To Be Released
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  1. Catatonic :57

  2. Emperor's Clothes 4:59

  3. Garbage Barge :46

  4. The Writhe 4:20

  5. Shadow of the Rat 1:46

  6. Mother's Heart 1:30

  7. Stigmataphoria 5:04

  8. Perdido 2:48

  9. Good Side 3:15

  10. The Ephant 2:12

  11. Happiness 4:58

  12. The Past Lives of Clarence Thomas 2:12

  13. The King 1:00

  14. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Nightmare 7:40

  15. Everyone's a Loverod 3:12

About this product

Attention all under-rock-dwellers; the physical release of this record has been delayed due to the current pandemic (look out your window/cave entrance!). As this music is (incorrectly-labelled) government-mandated 'non-essential' contraband, we cannot yet determine when the means of production will be available to make this physical product for you. We will keep you updated as we know more. Meanwhile, the digital release date will remain the same.

A way station for a lot of young talents-in-waiting, Box of Chocolates hailed from the still-forbidding borough of Brooklyn at the end of the 1980s, with their one album released at the dawn of the 90's. They contained multitudes, including indie-rockers-to-be, a motion-picture actor, a figment of early Phish's imagination, an enthomusicologist, a 2019 Tony Award winner and some weirdos too. Box of Chocolates took the cake and ate it too, as only happened in the freewheeling confines of the US 80s–90s.