Brother JT3



Drag City
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  1. Poor Wayfaring Stranger 2:50

  2. Be With Us 3:14

  3. Summer 3:33

  4. Praise Be 3:46

  5. Mellow 3:22

  6. Lord You Are The Wine 2:56

  7. Right There 4:12

  8. Mole In The Ground 6:19

  9. Say No More 3:08

About this product

The gospel according to JT is sweet Philadelphia sugar, nourishing the weary soul with righteous, revelrous rawk. That Roll is buttered (praise be) by the 6-sixstring candy man himself (hallelujah) and JT3 rocks the glories (preach on) of the good life. The Brother JT life. (praise JT!)


I think I read in a review about Spirituals that Brother JT said it was for people who thought there was more to life than breathing. The Brother from Bethlehem is telling you friend, it is for you. it is for me, it is for all.

But I don't want you to have it, because till you join in, it is my party. His most intimate recording to date, I want it all for myself. I confess I am not inviting you to join me and he in these cozy confines. I get with it on a regular basis, religiously even. It warms me up in the cold of winter and when the heat hits, I get sticky with it. Spirituals is just you, an acoustic guitar and the Brother close and delicious. Don't get distracted by Trippinbalz, Vibrolux, Blobs or Oblivion even. The songs are from he to you. He to you. He speaks to you in ways words can never. Now he once said "I can't touch the moon, but it is very beautiful." This is beauty you can touch and if you do, it will most certainly touch you.

Bettina Richards, President, Thrill Jockey Records