Dirty Three

Toward the Low Sun


Drag City
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  1. Furnace skies 4:44

  2. Sometimes I forget you've gone 3:46

  3. Moon on the land 4:51

  4. Rising below 5:47

  5. the pier 4:53

  6. Rain song 3:50

  7. That was was 4:01

  8. Ashen snow 5:13

  9. You greet her ghost 4:50

About this product

Sticking us with something that won't go away, the Dirty Three are back. It's been awhile, but that just means that the music here is heavy with seven years in the (rumpled, hair-mottled) life of the Dirty Three. Once again, they're exploring spaces that immediately crumble and give way to more spaces to explore, which lends itself to thrilling and deeply touching music from the filthy trifecta. If this doesn't put them on the top of the charts, then nothing will!