Cosmic Lightning


Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disk
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DC378 /GZD-001
LP & DVD $22.00
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All Tracks

  1. Waiting for the CTA 3:13

  2. Death Trip 2:53

  3. The Monitors 2:54

  4. Song for Suzanne 2:07

  5. In the Can 2:29

  6. Out of the Can 6:07

  7. Destructo Rock 7:20

  8. I Really Love You / You Know That I Love You, Don't You? 4:11

  9. One Fine Day With The Karma Man 6:09

  10. Go Wild 2:19

About this product

New 2nd EDITION now available!

Behold: a new cult figure! Unheard in his day (and for most of ours...), J.T. IV was the alias of John Timmis the IV, a Chicago resident, ex-institution dweller, and myth-maker extraordinaire. Here we've collected his recorded output (a few 7"'s, plus some recently discovered recordings) to create an all-encompassing look at an extremely obscure artist who mixed ferocious glam-punk with heart-melting honesty. Very limited edition includes a DVD featuring footage from J.T.'s films and home movies.

1st Edition DVD includes:
Destructo Rock
In The Can
Every Dream Home A Heartache
Sunday Morning
Song for Suzanne
Reel to Reel Footage
Destructo Rock (live)
Killer shreddage
I Love You
The shortest film in history

2nd Edition DVD includes:
Cannibal Orgy film

Digital download includes music & artwork only, no video