Michael Yonkers

Lovely Gold


Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disk
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DC428 /GZD-004
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All Tracks

  1. My Love 1:39

  2. I Knew You'd Remember 2:18

  3. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow 2:31

  4. Will It Be 3:53

  5. Drifting Off 3:06

  6. Ya Da Doe 2:26

  7. Oh No, My My 2:45

  8. Lovely Gold 4:36

  9. The Flute Thing 1:21

  10. Gone Down Old Sun 4:10

  11. Nevermore (bonus track) 4:12

About this product

Recorded in 1977 on a four-channel "tube type" tape recorder that Michael built himself by combining parts of other machines, Lovely Gold wasn't released until now - a true crime for all the prior generations, because it is an exotic work of homespun brilliance, perhaps the most multi-faceted work de Yonkers. It was meant to be the fourth LP in a trilogy - and now it is.