Scout Niblett

The Calcination of Scout Niblett


Drag City
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  1. Just Do It! 5:28

  2. The Calcination of Scout Niblett 3:31

  3. I.B.D. 4:34

  4. Bargin 4:54

  5. Cherry Cheek Bomb 6:28

  6. Kings 4:38

  7. Lucy Lucifer 1:51

  8. Duke of Anxiety 2:14

  9. Ripe With Life 5:32

  10. Strip Me Pluto 3:06

  11. Meet and Greet 9:01

About this product

Rarely have guitar, voice, and drum kit generated such a joyous mass with such Spartan dynamics! It's only happened once in the entire History of Rock and Roll -- on this very record. Imagine every Black Sabbath, Essra Mohawk and Rapeman record heated to unprecedented temperatures, thereby literally distilling the sex and drugs from those records, and dropping said extract into the board when this record was mixed! Order now and free your imagination for the greater good!