Buying Stuff = Free Tix. Drag City Invades Cropped Out Festival

posted September 24th, 2010

Whoa, shitchya, is there was ever a non-Drag City created but Drag City-loaded festival, this would be it. Everyone be pouring into the barrel of bourbon-land, Louisville, Kentucky, to drink up at the Cropped Out Festival! That's right, Magik Markers, CAVE, Sic Alps, and veterans King Kong are all poised to do it up at Cropped Out Festival, October 1st through 3rd, at the classy American Turners Club, with tons of other rad-as-hell freaks and geeks (and bands). As they're obliged to do, the creative heads here figured we should do our part to help make this Midwest 'n' music loving dream come true.

So here's the plan! ANYONE on the planet that buys an album of any format of the Drag City artists performing at Cropped Out Festival from this here web site, from now until Friday, October 1st, at 5pm CST, will get a free ticket to the Cropped Out Festival. For those of you with short attention spans, that means any album by the following musical geniuses: King Kong, Sic Alps, CAVE, and Magik Markers. When you've made a purchase for one of these items, we'll automatically add you to a list ensuring your admittance into this holiest of virgin festivals. Christ, what a mf'n deal!

Take note, the album you buy will correspond to the festival day you are allotted a free ticket -- if you by a CAVE album, you'll get into Cropped Out the day that CAVE performs, got it? One ticket per purchase, fool! Just present your name at the door.

Artists in this story: King Kong, Magik Markers, Sic Alps, CAVE