posted September 27th, 2011

Have you watched the video for Bonnie's new single "Quail And Dumplings" yet? Why fucking not? Not into music? Not into film? Don't like sneak previews of new albums, like the one Bon's got called Wolfroy Goes To Town? Oh, you want BACK STORY. Here's a li'l summin', then: "Quail And Dumplings" was filmed in Hawaii. On a break from filming, Bonny Billy had the distinct pleasure of seeing the incredible Darren Benitez perform. It's from a Benitez recording that Bonny learned the song, "E Iesu/Maika'i No," one of the b-sides to the very bangin' digital single, "Quail And Dumplings". But hey, don't believe these words, check out the documented proof in that photo above! Sure be Darren Benitez right yonder with our Prince Billy!

Not enough for ya? Not enough for Bonny, either! What comes out of a man seldom satisfied? Remixing "Quail And Dumplings" at the speed of the internet, Bonnie Prince Billy just keeps pumping it! Seriously, a remix of his own recently released single? Sounds good to you! To us, it seems like a good little spurt to keep the Wolfroy Goes to Town release countdown on schedule! The Quail And Dumplings REMIX can be yours, too, for FREE, son! Just download the fucking thing (all this free shit to download!) from the Free Music section on the front page of our web site. Watch the video, too (also free to do!). That there's Emmett "Cairo Gang" Kelly and Shahzad "I engineered this fucking record" Ismaily keeping the circle. Where's Bon-bon? Is he 'hind the camera? Dunno, but sounds like he's there, somewhere! Wolfroy Goes To Town drops one week from today, October 4th!

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