posted March 21st, 2012

Ever wondered what your brain waves would sound like if you could amplify their tone? In your deepest meditative state, does sound enter your vacant head-space? Yeah - ours, too. We've told you about Masaki Batoh's Brian Pulse Music album and the tools that he created and used to make it. Now, you can make your very own Brain Pulse Music, using your very own Brain Pulse Music Machine. No, it's not just a stomp box for knob twiddlers and noise heads, or bric-a-brac for the freshly turned New Ager on your hipster block, it's also meant to be used on the cutting edge of developmental disability treatment. However, that doesn't mean you can't use it to make your head-trip rock project that much head-trippier! Below, you can learn more about it from our Brain Pulse Music main man, Batoh. Afterwards, skip on over to the preorder page and grab one, each made to order and yours for the relatively cheap price of $699.99 postpaid! There's only a few of these in the world today, helping scientists and musicians alike point the way forward - so what's $700 between rare innovators?

"I had been fascinated by brain waves which produce an electrical signal, and its reflection of one's state of mind. It spikes very rapidly. Human beings lie but their brain waves never lie." - Masaki Batoh, 2012

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