posted May 8th, 2012

We wouldn't call it Starting Over, but we're about to let the Animals out of the cage, yu-huck! Dwarr lives. Dwarr's LIVE! It's gospel truth, brother! You thought the records were the only Dwarr experience to be had? Don't be a non-believer! Dwarr is risen and for the first time EVER is prepared to hit the road! Animals and Starting Over are masterpieces of loner metal, birthed from an inner darkness, reaching fruitless for the eternal light, bathed in murk, dementia and just enough low-brow studio techniques to scorch that metallic beef slab into a medium-rare, tasty treat. Translated to the live stage, who knows how it's going to go down? Solo? Power trio? Symphonic? Or maybe a bit like this video below... Whatever, it's Dwarr, live and on tour for the mother's father first time, and if that isn't enough (it is, but wait for it...) co-billed with Black Bananas and Magik Markers! A (un)holy trinity! The dream bill of your life only hits a few select cities. Hop on the nearest train to hell, see Dwarr rock the ages live!

5/12/12 Red 7 Austin TX w/ Black Bananas, Magik Markers
5/13/12 Walter's Houston TX w/ Black Bananas, Magik Markers
5/14/12 Siberia New Orleans LA w/ Black Bananas, Magik Markers
5/15/12 529 Atlanta GA w/ Black Bananas, Magik Markers
5/16/12 The Pinhook Durham NC w/ Black Bananas, Magik Markers

Artists in this story: Magik Markers, Dwarr, Black Bananas