posted June 28th, 2012

We hate to interrupt your #Obamacare celebrations, but in case you haven't noticed, Drag City has become a power in the worldwide cassette/awesomeness market. In fact, our latest release revisits one of our biggest records of the year SO FAR, Ty Segall & White Fence's Hair! Upon hearing the finished cassette, we were amazed to discover it's the ideal format for Hair sounds, all along, just like we discovered last year with CAVE's NEVERENDLESS (classically out of print on CS, but the always reliable LP is back in action!). Why cassettes, why now? Fuck you, we're not going to do your cultural dirty work for you, besides which, we were releasing cassettes back when granny still had the goods to raise a flag for all the young lads!

What's more, records you've taken for granted on LP/CD, Drag City classics such as Royal Trux's Cats And Dogs and Smog's Burning Kingdom, as well as the world's-least-likely cassette, Gastr's Crookt Crackt or Fly, are here waiting for your trend driven hands to pop them into that walkman you're about to buy. You sure can't get Cats And Dogs or Burning Kingdom on on LP, anyway, so unless you want to revert to the vile old CD fomat, CS is your gateway format to a world-within-worlds of revelation and psychic psatisfaction (psorry, CAVE). Don't forget, newbies such as Blues Control's elegant Valley Tangents and Silver Joos' murk-filled Early Times are not only available but enhanced by cassette's narrow bandwidth. So come on, make Sir Mayo Thompson proud, pick up a Corky's Debt To His Father cassette- or any from the vast DC catalog- today!

Artists in this story: Mayo Thompson, CAVE, Ty Segall & White Fence, Blues Control