posted August 28th, 2012

Coming soon to your local London dungeon, catacombs of Paris et al - it's the motorized machine fucks called CAVE, having fun fun fun on the European roadways this coming season. Jammed in a van with with their gear and a beer can (it's legal over there!) in each hand (this too!), the NEVERENDLESS tour is finally fit for Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Belgian and even Swiss ears and eyes. And noses! Can the CAVE band compete with Europe's au natural sensibilities? We find it a compelling match indeed - perhaps even a battle royale, with cheese. The odo(u)r of motor tour, as we want to call it now, will stink with twin guitars, subbed out bass, a stench-roll of organ, and the sweaty beads, womps and grinds of the drummer from a Thor-like MF (cause he's powerful like a motherf * *r, duh!). Mesmerizing, at the least. Physically moving, for sure. And hypnotic and trippy and all that, too! All the while, they'll be sporting the last remaining copies of the NEVERENDLESS CD as well as a massive chunk of LPs, along with the "Pure Moods" EP. Keep your mood pure of distraction, too, OK? You'll need it to get beyond the thunderdome of sonic stink they're bringing to your town. Don't worry, be happy - drink the drug water and hang with CAVE!

9/19/12 Moby Dick Madrid Spain
9/20/12 Gran Cafe Leon Spain
9/21/12 Humo Fest Vol. 1 Oviedo Spain
9/22/12 Capitor Santiago de Compostela Spain
9/23/12 Ibu Hots Victoria Spain
9/24/12 Le Saint Des Seins Toulouse France
9/25/12 Le Stakhanov Nantes France
9/26/12 D37 Bar Amanlis France
9/27/12 Point Ephemere Paris France
9/28/12 Trix Antwerp Belgium
9/29/12 Le Vecteur Charleroi Belgium
9/30/12 Worm Rotterdam Netherlands
10/1/12 Magasin 4 Brussels Belgium
10/2/12 HBC Berlin Germany
10/3/12 Frueh Auf Leipzig Germany
10/4/12 Roessli Bar Bern Switzerland
10/5/12 Le Bourg Lausanne Switzerland
10/6/12 Colmar Supersounds - Le Grillen Colmar France
10/7/12 Le Kab de L'Usine Geneva Switzerland
10/8/12 Sonic Lyon France
10/9/12 Sidecar Barcelona Spain
10/10/12 La Residencia Valencia Spain
10/11/12 Planta Baja Granada Spain
10/13/12 Desafinado Zaragoza Spain

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