posted December 21st, 2012

December 21st, and what a relief! All the buildup to the Sun's alignment with the center of our galaxy, directly blocking the Milky Way's energy pull on our dear planet, seemed to come and go without perforating the ozone or otherwise obstructing production down here, within the mile-deep, steel-enforced bunker of Drag City HMFQ. How's the air up there, surfacelings? Fouled? Throat-burning? Infused with flood-water? Well don't worry - we're still here, and we can only hope that you are too - because even though 2012 was heavy for us all, we've soldiered through it and come out better for wear, with a little help from our friends, all of whom would like to sell another few copies of their records before focusing on the requisite end-of-world sex we're all waiting for. Without further ado, let's talk about the friends and their fine fine music, OK? Roll call!!

Black Bananas got the party train a-rolling, Rad Times Xpress IV style; Doug Jerebine stepped out as the real deal legendary Jesse Harper; Damon & Naomi with Ghost reminded us how to folk-rock like it was 1992001; The Total Groovy boxed Pete Shelley cohorts in synthy washes and improvised spray; Sic Alps mashed up "Vedley;" Dirty Three filthed us Toward The Low Sun; Sophia Knapp dragged us Into The Waves; Masaki Batoh explored and healed the center of the mind with Brain Pulse Music; Bonnie 'Prince' Billy came inside "The B-Sides for Time To Be Clear;" Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts joined hands on Urstan; Sandy Bull and the Rhythm Ace were glimpsed Live 1976; Mickey Newbury n' Bill Callahan split custody and wailed, "Heaven Help The Child;" Ty Segall & White Fence let down their Hair; we remembered to remember not to forget to make a new vinyl reissue of Smog's Forgotten Foundation; Sic Alps' hands crossed "Pangea Globe;" everyone read read The Lowbrow Reader Reader; Dope Body taught Natural History lessons; Father Yod and the Source Family warped them with The Thought Adjusters; Blues Control patrolled Valley Tangents; Silver Jews poured some Early Times; Galactic Zoo Dossier issued #9; OM sang Advaitc Songs; Bonnie 'Prince' Billy deligated with "Now Here's My Plan"; Laetitia Sadier demanded Silencio; Six Organs of Admittance launched a new phase with "Mission Abort" b/w "Blues For Jack Parsons" and lifted off with Ascent; meanwhile we all found ourselves Takin' The Time with Carol Kleyn; Ty Segall rolled one on "The Hill;" Sic Alps self-referenced as self-titled; Rangda rose again being Formerly Extinct; Sun Araw signed The Inner Treaty; Minus Times Collected: Twenty Years and Thirty Issues without barely a lawsuit threatened; Neil Hamburger dueted and drank with Margaret Cho; Ty Segall looked in the mind-mirror and saw Twins; we brought everyone up to speed by reissuing Royal Trux' Accelerator; Woo kindled the autumn/ambient fire and reminded, It's Cosy Inside before "P.S.," getting "Intensity" and splitting with Nite Jewel; Tony Caro and John smoke-signaled Blue Clouds through time and space from thirty-some years previous; Mad Music made us happy with music (and confused with Mad Music Inc.); Sic Alps split with Freakapuss; Scout Niblett laid down the love-law with "No More Nasty Scrubs;" Billy F. Gibbons and Bonnie Prince Billy donned the Mac; Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince Billy warned that "Christmas Eve Can Kill You"; and AZITA summed it all up with her Year!

There you have it: we built your 2012, and did so happily, from within the center of the earth. We've got another annual campaign in the pipeline, half-planned. Come join us in 2013, won't you?