posted February 15th, 2013

Artists! Right? They always feel the need for change (keeps the creative rolling constant), some things always gotta stay the same - such as a need for bread, you know? Or cheese, or lettuce, depending on your agricultural region. We're talking about dosh, paying bills, making do (or do wah diddy, if the spirit moves 'em). So just cause Meg Baird moved from Philly to San Francisco doesn't mean she's taking a breather or something/anything, ok? In fact, she's taking advantage of the new locale to get with what she do best: play folked out, woozy acoustic jams live, for people. Yeah, she's got shows! West Coasters, line up - becuz these shows impact in amazing ways, like the aftershock of a meteorite exploding in the sky, but waaayy less likely to spill your bev. How often did ya ever get to see Meg Baird ever do her thing, be it from Dear Companion or Seasons On Earth, anyways? Now it's all on you bes' coas' - make a woman feel warm and at home, get out to see Meg Baird this week!

2/15/13 Little Axe Records Portland OR w/ Daniel Bachman
2/16/13 Ditch Projects Eugene OR w/ Daniel Bachman
2/17/13 MexNwoW Arcata CA w/ Daniel Bachman
2/18/13 Cozmic Café Placerville CA w/ Daniel Bachman and Dead Western
2/19/13 Biko Shop Isla Vista CA w/ Daniel Bachman
2/21/13 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco CA w/ Daniel Bachman
2/22/13 The Velaslavasay Panorama Los Angeles CA w/ Daniel Bachman

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