posted February 19th, 2013

It's New Release Tuesday here at destination: Drag City! And if you don't already got yer copies of Dawn n' Bonnie's What The Brothers Sang, The Howling Hex's The Best Of The Howling Hex, and the latest Blue Chopsticks release, Wingdale Community Singers, spinning on your platter, yous better hop to it, little pre-Easterite bunnies! But get your front paws at the ready, cuz today also marks the first date of pre-sale for the head-bangers of March:

Purling Hiss are 3 men from the caves of Philadelphia, banging tough on the shredding, fractal-sound visions of guitarbro (or mo-fo, you choose), Mike Polizze, and Water On Mars is their first Drag City production. The shit totally rips, but before you can bleed out, it's harmonic hooks will symbiotically clamp down deep inside you, sustaining your quivering life with tuned up choogla-riffage. In a parallel universe of riff-dom comes Ensemble Pearl. Well known enough for their individual parts and pedigree (members of Ghost, Sunn O))), Boris), the collective sum of Ensemble Pearl detonates glacially over a sprawling, self-titled double LP of meditative mega-jams. Like, massive and enveloping, dig? If you do dig, keep going - shit's DEEP. And best of all...

Each album's got a special track spinning for free in the upper region of this very web station. G'head and listen!

Between the Ensemble and the Hiss, that should be enough Pearling mass for one human body - we tested it. But fuck dat, and watch your ribcage and neckbones, group! March brings special items from TWO more groups known to sling their weighty weighty weight around a little - Dope Body sent a 7" and OM dusted up a dubplate! Each will knock you outta bed, and there'll be more on each in this space, soon! In the meantime, since we all up in the crevices of your social sites, we seen y'all askin' to KNOW the right time to reserve and pre-order the newest Drag City tomes. Brothers and sisters, that time is now! Preorder your copies of Purling Hiss and Ensemble Pearl LPs, and the mini-gifts from OM and Dope Body, today!

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