Purling Hiss

Purling Hiss - credit: Aaron Biscoe

Aaron Biscoe

Purling Hiss - credit: Jason Meagher

Jason Meagher

Purling Hiss


Continuing their credo of 'no limits', Purling Hiss fail to repeat themselves, shaking out a bunch of weirdo pop numbers rife with ramshackle; tactile and free.


Title Format Cat # Date
Weirdon LP/CD/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC598 2014
Dizzy Polizzy LP/MP3/FLAC DC590 2014
Paisley Montage LP Richie 2013
Water on Mars LP/CD/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC533 2013
A Little Off-Center: Live at WFMU Cass Fan Death 2012
Walking Down the Street (split w/Puffy Areolas) 12" Single Permanent 2011
Lounge Lizards 12"EP Mexican Summer 2011
Paisley Montage Cass self-released 2011
Dizzy Polizzy Cass self-released 2011
Hissteria LP Richie/Testostertunes 2010
Public Service Announcement LP Woodsist 2010
Purling Hiss LP/CD Permanent/Archive 2009