posted April 12th, 2013

OH SHIT - remember when RTX totally reinvented themselves into the P-Fuck/MPC/Zapp MONSTER UNIT we all know and love as BLACK BANANAS? I mean, when was that?! It seems so natural, so perfect a transition that we can't hardly EVEN remember the pre-rad days of the RTX-volution. And neither can head Banana JJ Rox! Rad Times Xpress IV blew minds and continues to do so - this auto-classic still sells like hotcakes (grab 'em while the current repress is still grippable) a whole mutha-funkin year later! Along with this new Identity Awakening, came another, road-worth chapter of radification: these Black Bananas likee to bring the party to your face in your very own hometown - and with all the bounce and sizzle that that dancefloor jamz like "Do It," "TV Trouble and "Hot Stupid" promised in spadezz!! If you haven't caught them in your eye and ear yet, grab your dunce cap and consider yourself an idgg - or better yet, don't! GET OUTTA THE HOUSE, GRAB THE JET-PACK AND GET DOWN TO THE HIP-TROUNCE OF BLACK BANANAS IN PERSON, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!:

4/14 Portland OR @ Star Theater

4/23 San Diego CA @ Soda Bar

4/24 Tucson AZ @ Plush

4/25 El Paso TX @ Lowbrow Palace

4/27 Austin TX @ Carson Creek Ranch Austin Psych Fest