RTX - credit: Dan Monick

Dan Monick

RTX: "Vampyre Love" (OLR-042)


"Vampyre Love"

Be forewarned, this version of Pentagram's Vampyre Love is like seeing your girlfriend with her cock out. RTX is tough as hell with Jennifer's bong-whiskey drenched, thrashed out vox and…


Title Format Cat # Date
"Vampyre Love" 7" OLR-042 2010
"Nature's Way" (split w/Primal Scream) 12" Single White Noise 2009
J.J. Got Live RaTX LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC353 2008
"Badstreet USA" (split with Monotonix) 7" Volcom 2008
RaTX LP/CD/MP3 DC331 2007
Speed To Roam CD5 DC286 2005
Transmaniacon LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC271 2004