posted April 22nd, 2013

Whoa, nature! Nothing like inertia to help things grow; ever since the release of Water On Mars, the intensely fuzz-soaked banger of a full length album out just a month ago, Purling Hiss have annihlistically replicated the album at crushing volumes across the USA for jovial young rockers and old heads in each town they've visited, moving bodies with their waves of affirming sound, then chilling out afterwards and signing body parts they didn't previously know existed (yet obliging like the glad partiers they are) while offering beer to the ear-bludgeoned and hip-beaten, all the happier to hang with their own. The party's gotten wild and wooly, and the ground swell of Purling pride only seems to expand at every turn, long after the crunch of the last struck power chord and well beyond the steam of squealing feedback left in its wake.

Since the van broke down somewhere in the Midwest just the other day, these dudes decided, fuck it - driving sucks, why not fly somewhere? And if flying somewhere, why not fly somewhere off the continent? Lucky for the rock thugs in Europa, then - the Water On Mars long-pour touches down first in Prague, where the Hiss-ters better hang onto their jeans, before heaving itself all through the mainland and even up into the Kingdom, United. It's a heavy undertaking, but somebody's got to deliver the bruising sonics, pants or no. It's the Hiss' game to lose, are you ready to be their "Lolita?" Get down! Dig, it all begins May 4th!

5/4/13 Klub 007 Prague Czech Republic
5/5/13 Fluc Vienna Austria
5/6/13 Culture Factory Club Zagreb Croatia
5/7/13 PMK Innsbruck Austria
5/9/13 Nuits Sonores Festival, Le Sonic Lyon France
5/10/13 Primavera Als Bars Barcelona Spain
5/11/13 El Perro Club Madrid Spain
5/12/13 Taina Fest Porto Portugal
5/13/13 Bukowski Donostia Spain
5/15/13 Nouveau Casino Paris France w/ Mikal Cronin
5/16/13 Tufnell Park Dome London United Kingdom w/ White Fence, Mikal Cronin
5/18/13 Whelan's Dublin Ireland
5/19/13 The Pavilion Cork Ireland
5/20/13 Undertone Cardiff United Kingdom
5/21/13 The Green Door Store Brighton United Kingdom
5/22/13 Madame Moustache Brussels Belgium
5/23/13 De Effenar Eindhoven Netherlands
5/24/13 Muk Giessen Germany
5/25/13 Die Friese Bremen Germany
5/26/13 KB18 Copenhagen Denmark
5/27/13 Kuudes Linja Helsinki Finland
5/28/13 Debaser Slussen Stockholm Sweden
5/30/13 Marie-Antoinette Berlin Germany w/ Dope Body

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