posted May 9th, 2013

Does the mind make a sound? Will it be heard in a forest of crashing trees, if no one's not around? It can and will be, if you use a Brain Pulse Machine! And you won't have to run off to a cabin in the woods to hear it, either - because Masaki Batoh is in the middle of a North American tour to celebrate and propegate the album of his discovery, Brain Pulse Music, wherein the amazing Brain Pulse Machine is used every night! The Brain Pulse Machine (or, BPM) transmits the alpha, theta and delta waves of your brain via radio signal to a motherboard, which is then amplified. As you'd imagine, brainwaves, despite coming from within, are outwardly projected as otherworldly tones, especially when directed by Masaki Batoh, leader of Japan's only real psychedelic band, Ghost. Speaking of psychedelics, did we mention science? Batoh is an acupuncturist by trade, and his BPM is currently used in all kinds of neurological beta tests as it may hold the key to improving the lives of nervous system and/or neurological disorder sufferers.

5/9/13 West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg Canada
5/11/13 CSPS Cedar Rapids IA
5/12/13 Deep Thoughts JP Boston MA in-store performance
5/13/13 Spectrum New York NY
5/14/13 Empty Bottle Chicago IL

For this tour, Batoh is accompanied only by a guest test subject in each city, one who's brainwaves are transmitted through the BPM's headset into its motherboard and then beamed through different amplifiers for the entire performance. Batoh helms the motherboard and other instruments in orchestration, making for the most tantalizingly fantastic bio-mechanical voyage you're bound to call a performance for the rest of your life! Get out there while the going is still good, people. Who knows if this experience will be made available to you ever again? We can't imagine that it will be, and while time will tell, you should fortify your brain-understanding by committing to listen to human brainwaves in the following last few cities of Masaki Batoh's BPM tour!