posted June 12th, 2013

It's 2013; have you aligned yourself with a cult yet? If you're savvy enough to time-warp back to the oh, so seductive 70s, you might still be able to join up with Father Yod and his Source Family. The Source Family began as a bearded dude's all-natural health restaurant with yoga lessons in the back and a bunch of hippie kids working there, and soon transformed into so much more - a natural way of being, a gathering place for the wayward young souls, deviants, hippies, and seekers of free love in Hollywood. Sex, drugs and rock n' roll were real as the greens served at the restaurant; soon enough, the greens got real different but perhaps more effective for those who bought in. Father Yod met an untimely death while literally high in the sky over Hawaii, but the Spirit of the Source Family lives strong to this day, as witnessed by the original members who continue to surface not just for inclusion in The Source Family documentary, but also live and in person at select screenings across the country, saluting the sun and all the planets in a circle underneath the marqee.

Meanwhile back inside your mind, The Source Family DVD, shipping to stores this week, is also available to you, the online consumer, right freaking now - far freaking out! And while we strongly suggest you pick up a copy for you and your tantric sexual partner(s), we all know the best way to watch a film is on the silver screen! The Source Family will continue to play in theaters all across the USA throughout the summer, premiering in Chicago at The Music Box Theater this coming Friday, June 14th, complete with guest Q & A from the director, Maria Demopolous, and Source Family-inspired music from a band featuring members of CAVE and the maker of the Galactic Zoo Dossier - a certain Mr. Crimewave? C'mon people now - smile on your brother, everybody get together, gotta: Ya Ho Wha right now!

6/12/13 - 6/14/13 Film Streams Omaha NE

6/14/13 - 6/21/13 The Music Box Chicago IL Friday, June 14 Premiere: followed by tribute band performance organized by Cooper Crain of CAVE

6/15/13 -6/19/13 Guild Cinema Albuquerque NM

6/17/13 -6/18/13 Lyric Cinema Fort Collins CO

6/17/13 -6/18/13 Ragtag Cinema Columbia MO

6/21/13 - 6/28/28 Reel Art Ways Hartford CT

7/12/13 7/18/13 Gateway Film Center Columbus OH

7/18/13 The Loft Tucson AZ

9/19/13 Brooks Museum of Art Memphis TN

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