posted September 5th, 2013

Whoa, what is it with Louisville? The town that pipelined a whole funky bunch of Drag City's roster- including Endtables, Papa M'Pajo, David Grubbs, King Kong, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and more than we can freakin' remember in our burnout haze- keeps delivering the goods. This time though, it ain't a whole new banded entity we're talking about, it's the community festival be-in camping vibe of ye olde (4 years runnin' and countin'!) Cropped Out Festival. A safe haven for wanderin' souls, billion-dolor babies and lost ghouls of rock n' roll who fuck the rules, Cropped Out has hosted some of the finest living musical entertainment and real-assed sounds America has had to offer since 2010 (several DC peeps, included!). 2013's line up kicks things up several previously unseen notches, with a plethora this time of upstanding Drag Citizens crashing the ball!

Where does it start? Primordially, natch' - with the classical boogie cosmos of Blues Control, and the legendary Midwestern punk squall of Louisville's own The Endtables, who make their first local appearance in ...decadese? This century? Let's just settle for gawd-knows-when. Day two provides some classic jazz-funk minimalisms (by way of proto-skunk rock stylings) from the very fine, CAVE (playing songs from Threace, out 10/15!), building heavily, massively even! up to not just a single one-per-lifetime performances, but TWO (and by our math, that's a deal): Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney performing their magnificent, yet rarely seen live, Superwolf!!! Mayo Thompson (Red Krayola!) performs his seminal, legendary and increasingly classic 1970 solo album, Corky's Debt To His Father! As if you needed any more fucking incentive, Cropped Out kills it with some of the finest underground sounds you've yet to fucking hear - but hey, what the fuck! Stop reading this, and get tickets for you and yours, today! Cropped Out Festival, September 27-29th, at American Turner's Club, Louisville, KY!

Artists in this story: Mayo Thompson, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, David Grubbs, The Endtables, CAVE, Blues Control