posted September 13th, 2013

Summer's all about relaxing by the pool, tubin' with your special someones and blowing up fireworks while trying to keep your body intact. But once fall returns and you head back to school, things get a little dicey, amiright? You gotta cruise through class while trying not to be obvious when buzzing hard on your favorite substance, and suddenly you gotta keep your mind intact, which is tough to d...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wha? Oh right - so fall season's here, and to keep your mind intact, you gotta get out and see some shows, yos! And that's where Purling Hiss are like fresh churned butter - to spread on your cosmi-concert bread! Bringing blistered guitar jelly smeared all over a whomping loaf of rhyme n' rhythm, da Hiss' motives are glazed, but honest as fuck - to simply freak you with rock. Asketh, and Purling Hiss giveth. Just like you askethed for a new video, right? And thusly, Purling Hiss deliver upon it- Mike Polizze's home-made jam produces the brand new video for "Mary Bumblebee" from Water on Mars! Collage stylings and brief glimpses of Euro-tourings permeate throughout, providing more than adequate escapism for you and your balance-craving state of being. C'mon then, put down your pencil, take a breather, zone into this for a minute or three, and plan to get yourself to the Purling Hiss live experience, coming to a town near you!

10/12/13 Middle East (upstairs) Cambridge MA w/ The Men, The Ukiah Drag
10/13/13 The Bug Jar Rochester NY w/ The Men
10/14/13 The Loving Touch Detroit MI w/ The Men
10/15/13 Kobo Live Columbus OH w/ The Men, Pampers
10/16/13 The Bishop Bloomington IN w/ The Men
10/17/13 The Cactus Club Milwaukee WI w/ The Men
10/18/13 Logan Square Auditorium Chicago IL w/ The Men, Fuzz, CCR Headcleaner
10/19/13 Club Cafe Pittsburgh PA w/ The Men, Pampers
10/20/13 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto Canada w/ The Men
10/21/13 Il Motore Montreal Canada w/ The Men
10/22/13 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia PA w/ The Men
10/23/13 The Saint Asbury Park NJ w/ The Men
11/5/13 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn NY w/ The Men
11/16/13 The Ottobar Baltimore MD w/ Wooden Shjips

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