posted October 9th, 2013

Don't look behind you, for there stands a wolf, all set to howl! The world of Bonny Billy takes many shapes, but regardless of moon phase, Bonne himself is shaped only as Wolfroy. Following North American and European tours with Dawn McCarthy singing What The Brothers Sang, having conquered the last remaining of the 50 United States, and taking the stage with Matt Sweeney for a Cropped Out Festival-exclusive performance of Superwolf (grip it on cassette!), Bonny continues his 2013 voyage with more solo, lone-wolf shows for lucky dogs on the East coast. Let is be known - the territory is marked and the scent is strong - you wolf-pups will sense it when it's near. May your travels ne'r stray far from the trail; Bonnie 'Prince' Billy is on the move, but lies in wait for you when you least expect, with song and with gawd knows what else!! Perhaps more cassettes in his pouch? A condom? Bravery will get you where you need to go to find out. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy on tour!

10/10/13 One Longfellow Square Portland ME w/ Arborea
10/11/13 Columbus Theatre Providence RI w/ Arborea
10/12/13 Calvin Theatre Northampton MA w/ Arborea

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