posted November 15th, 2013

What do you see when you look into the mirror? No one looks the same upon reflection, but if you dig that perspective, think how you might see yourself with no access to it, like if you were "Mirrorless?" From Magik Markers' POV, the angles are restricted, leaving simply a crude cut-out doll. "Mirrorless," they are moved by the hands of an unknown deity, dressed with instruments, decked with beers, funny hats, and supernatural others on a whim. In one scene and out the next, jamming with friends, jamming alone, surfing, smoking, and, at times, dog-sitting Spuds McKenzie - maybe we're seeing how they hope to appear, how they hope to see you on the other side. Take a look for yourself, and now you'll see, or not - that's the essence of being "Mirrorless." It's about being a Magik Marker. "Mirrorless," from Surrender To The Fantasy (out 11/19!), was directed by Markers' own Elisa Ambrogio, who has lots to say in this rad interview with Rookie. Magik Markers are on tour in Europee for another week! Check the video and the dates.


11/15/13 Sonic Lyon France
11/16/13 King Georg Cologne Germany
11/17/13 Worm Rotterdam Netherlands
11/18/13 Magasin 4 Brussels Belgium
11/19/13 Extrapool Nijmegen Netherlands
11/20/13 Bethnal Green Working Men's Club London United Kingdom
11/22/13 ATP Festival (End of An Era Pt. 1) Pontins, Camber Sands United Kingdom
11/23/13 BB Mix Festival Paris France

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