Magik Markers

Surrender to the Fantasy


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Crebs 4:03

  2. Acts of Desperation 5:01

  3. Bonfire 2:25

  4. Mirrorless 5:36

  5. American Sphinx Face 6:46

  6. Young 5:28

  7. Empire Building 5:42

  8. Screams of Birds and Girls 4:36

  9. WT 4:31

About this product

Magik Markers stop worrying and learn how to love the bomp. Their beautiful longing world unbound — next-level explurgations in a pop music eye. Truly American music.

USB version is a gold-bar flash drive marked with the MM logo and containing the entire LP in both MP3 and FLAC formats PLUS all album graphics PLUS x-tended & alternate mixes, plus a wealth of additional visual material! Limited run, for the purest of fans. Surrender to the USB!