posted November 22nd, 2013

This Sunday, November 24th, Drag City’s Soccer Club Club is thrilled to host the surreal, hallucinogenic (and fun!) art of the infamous Australian musician and painter, Mick Turner. Yep, or "Dirty" Mick Turner, as we fans of his work in the Dirty Three sometimes call him (but never to his face, mind you!). You know, we might even consider starting to call him "Venom P." Turner (secretly, of course!), because of his also infamous but now quite distant participation in the Melbourne punk band back in the day (that day called 'the 80s' - remember that day?)...but then again, no. Mick's latest solo LP, Don't Tell The Driver, is out this week, and as it is his fifth proper solo release (he has collaborative records with Jim White (as Tren Brothers) and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (as the Marquis de Tren), we be celebratin' to the power of five! Or maybe six and a half, since those other records are EPs. Oh, what? You want us to round up to seven?

On US soil for a rare-ish solo tour, Mick's gracing us with his musical presence and art this Sunday at Chicago's infamous (geez, is there anything in this news item that's just like, simply respectable? It's like everyone's running around with a knife clamped between their teeth!) Soccer Club Club - a double win for everyone! This event is free and open to the public - and with catering by Land and Sea Dept., this event is looking better and better!


Mick Turner’s artwork regularly appears on his own album covers, as well as those of the Dirty Three - but he has done a number of gallery shows in land down under, and we're told that the art also looks good on walls and things. So....we're gonna try it! The show will feature some recent original works of oil on canvas and a selection of limited edition prints. Don’t miss this very rare opportunity to see Mick’s artwork up close and personal, and get so close to Mick himself as to count the hairs on his scraggly chin.

To get all pumped up, watch the official video for "The Bird Catcher," featuring the great, late Karen Black! And peek Mick's remaining world-wide tour dates, below!

11/22/13 Bottom Lounge Chicago IL w/ Mono

11/23/13 The Loving Touch Detroit MI w/ Mono

11/24/13 Soccer Club Club Chicago IL Art Show

11/29/13 Netil House London United Kingdom w/ Comets On Fire         

12/1/13 ATP Festival (End of An Era Pt. 2) Pontins, Camber Sands United Kingdom

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