posted January 13th, 2014

What's up with Sophia Knapp, you wonder? We're still jamming Into The Waves as regularly as the cycles of the moon and the night tide (and so should you, if you haven't - be at one with your planet, before it's too late!), but girl's got waves crashing elsewhere, too, well worth a mention! Like, specifically, her sojourn to Brazil, wherein Sophia spent her time realigning with the elements and, in turn, creating a new E.P.'s -worth of material. When a sound is made in the remote meadows and waterfalls of the rainforests outside Rio, can we actually hear it? Let Sophia Knapp show you! Get a much needed Knapp with the Green Magic EP, complete with a companion piece of writing and artwork revealing the details of her creative process, over at Sophia Knapp's web site!

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