posted January 31st, 2014

If we could, we'd never stop bringing Death to you. Who wouldn't? A group of African-American brothers, who played hard/punk-rock in total obscurity in mid-70s Detroit, only to be discovered and celebrated 25 years later when a box of their 7" record, very few of which were made to begin with, entered the trader-scum market? WHAT! But you've seen the doc, right? If you haven't, flip on A Band Called Death - and after seeing that, you'll probly want to rock For the Whole World to See, their 1975 recordings that didn't see the light of day until 2009. Which are AMAZING and tons of kids of all ages all over the world know it already. Well good news, Death-heads! The third and final trip into the well of Death has brought forth another set of songs that rivals For The Whole World to See for fire, fury and fun! Of course, the second comp of vintage jams, Spritual-Mental-Physical, was pretty swell too. But sure, yeah - why believe the record label? We're just here to deceive you, right? NOT ENTIRELY, chum. If you want your own ears to hear for you, get ready for "North St." due to hit streets all around the compass on February 18th. A sneak preview on Sirius XM radio's SXMU Old School got fans freakin' out already with the surge of a classic Death punk-rocker from 1980. The single's backed with a sweetly spiritual tune from 1992, "We're Gonna Make It," when Death was in between memory and grim reality for the Hackney brothers, who lost their leader, David, in 1999. Mark the calendar - February 18th, but preorder now! The Death show being played in Paris tonight will soon also be memory and legend - of powerful rock played by true believing survivors! By special invite of the Festival Sons d'Hiver, Death are sharing the stage with the James "Blood" Ulmer Phalanx Revisited - so if the Blood don't get you, the Death surely will!

1/31/14 Salle Jacques Brel Fontenay-Sous-Bois France Festival Sons d'hiver

3/8/14 Festival Nrmal Monterey Mexico
3/21/14 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto Ontario Canada
3/22/14 The Observatory Santa Ana CA BURGERAMA III

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