posted March 19th, 2014

The Purling Hiss Water On Mars-fades-into-Dizzy Polizzy tour marches on! Leaving a trail of scorched Earth throughout the Southeast, South, and now West Coast, Purling Hiss escape the law in each town by singeing the ears and eyes off all those in their wake! There are still plenty of shows left for all yous party late-comers, just check the dates below! And what of this Dizzy Polizzy LP? What's it all about? As mentioned, these are songs from deep within the Hiss circa 2004-2009, excavated first as a tour-only cassette in micro-miniature supply and now available for the first time ever on 12" circular wax-disc, an official release. Hiss-heads are gonna dig the moments of early Hiss-isms that clearly lay the foundation of now-legendary Hiss albums to come, while newcomers will revel in this distinctively hazy, naturally burning sensation of hurt-so-good, damaged pop on a lo-fi bender. The sweet longings of one's own post-teenage drama echo through every distored reverberance! Still can't hear it? How 'bout a visual? Behold! The video for "Preface" by Purling Hiss, from their new to you LP, Dizzy Polizzy, out April 22nd (but pre-orderable now)!

3/19/14 The Sunset Seattle WA

3/20/14 Treefort Music Festival Boise ID

3/23/14 The Sidewinder Denver CO w/ The Howling Hex

3/25/14 The Mill Iowa City IA

3/26/14 The Hexagon Minneapolis MN w/ Hollow Boys

3/27/14 Hideout Chicago IL w/ Axis:Sova, Heavy Times

3/28/14 The Cactus Club Milwaukee WI w/ Technicolor Teeth

3/29/14 Dreamland Louisville KY

3/30/14 Cafe Bourbon St. Columbus OH w/ Hundos, Comfort Food

3/31/14 Gooski's Pittsburgh PA w/ Carousel

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