Purling Hiss

Water on Mars


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Lolita 4:27

  2. Mercury Retrograde 3:33

  3. Rat Race 3:05

  4. Dead Again 1:37

  5. She Calms Me Down 2:44

  6. Face Down 3:33

  7. The Harrowing Wind 3:47

  8. Water on Mars 7:10

  9. Mary Bumble Bee 3:04

About this product

Hiss here! Water On Mars is barely contained, ready to flow through your streets of rage and fire and ruin. Purling Hiss is someone who cares, and they've stacked up the guitars, bass and drums to stand tall above the alienated masses and play for the silently disillusioned minority. Car-wrecking anthems, for all the right reasons.