posted April 18th, 2014

Sure, LA had a thriving punk scene, and yeah, it involved some death of its very own! But DEATH was actually something bigger than passing through to the next phase for 3 Detroit kids playing guitar, bass, and drums in 1974 - it was a band, with a sound ahead of its time, who finally got the whole world to see them in 2009 with the release of ...For The Whole World To See. But hell, you know the story! You've seen the doc, you've grabbed FTWWTS, aligned yourself with Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and anxiously await the third installment from DEATH's archive, III, which is currently in transit to record stores all over the world (as are these sick DEATH boxes - get one to house your three LPs!).

But this is about Los Angeles, which will host three critical DEATH events in a matter of days! The first is one families can enjoy the world over, from the safety of their home television units, as DEATH appear on The Arsenio Hall Show on Monday, April 21st! The next day provides two choice opportunities to experience DEATH in person: first, they'll appear at Permanent Records in Highland Park to meet fans and sign autographs; then later that night, DEATH blow up the stage at The Satellite in honor of the release of III! Can DEATH have arrived in Los Angeles at a more appropriate time? Angelenos and TV viewers the world over - strap in for DEATH!

It's a DEATH trifecta, all celebrating the release of the aptly titled, III, officially released Tuesday, April 22nd!

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