posted August 21st, 2014

Death's just kept on knockin' ever since 2009, when ...For The Whole World To See sprung to life, re-energizing a band by resescuitating a crucial slab of rock music that had first been made too soon before going unnoticed for over 30 years. After the doors opened and the Hackney brothers walked through, there was no stopping Death from getting to everyone! Reunion gigs turned into full on tours, new demo recordings surfaced in Spiritual, Mental, Physical form, the band appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show, and most recently, yet another batch of tunes were assembled from the life of Death: the album, III. III's sounds are consistent yet varied - there are sharp punk stabs from the ...FTWWTS era, as well as later material, including the peaceful balladry of "We're Gonna Make It." David Hackney, Death's singer, guitarist and leader in their day, passed on before he could see the success of Death, success he told his brothers would be coming. The video for "We're Gonna Make It" is in tribute to him, and is sure to jerk the tears right out of your glazed eyeballs. Watch it, and sense the power of Death all around you.

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