posted September 16th, 2014

Sheesh, somehow it's been less than a year since we de-veiled the genuine jewel called Imitation of Life from Eiko Ishibashi. Well-heard in her native Japan, Imitation gave us pests from the west a chance an ear to what all the Nipponese press is on about - and on wax, to boot! Even in Japan, where she is a STAR, Eiko's music is only pressed on CD. For those of who feast on the culture and sounds of the east, Eiko is an interesting case - for she specializes in what the lazy and the hazy like to call "timeless" sounds - and as we all know, timeless sounds may also be placeless sounds - and while there is a considerable amount of what we might indelicately call "Japaneseness" in Eiko's approach to music, it goes well and far beyond a national place - why, after dropping the needle, you might wonder who/wha/huh iz this? Annette Peacock, peahaps?  Recently unearthed unheard holy-grail lady of the canyon?  How have mine ears not heard the light-rock, and from what hemisphere can I get some more please?  Well, listen up English: we've got the brand new one, entitled Car and Freezer (cause that's what used to be in the yard), and we've become swiftly convinced that this platter somehow manages to top Eiko's former glory (all of last year, people - WHAT HAS TIME BECOME?).  Once again, Eiko's brought  Jim O'Rourke with her into the studio, and he deftly mixes the plush and lush alike into her pianistic tapestries of prog and pop delight.  This is music that brings rhythm and happiness into your life - but you gotta wait, all the way until November 18th, for Car and Freezer to become yours - and the Drag City LP edition will feature some of the half of the songs in Japanese, the other half sung in English, adding to the uniqueness of this original item. In the meantime, don't worry Joe - there'll be plenty of things to make your life wider - and then you'll be ready for Eiko when it's time to go.

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