Eiko Ishibashi

Car and Freezer


Drag City
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  1. たいくつなものがたり (Boring Stories) 6:34

  2. Car and Freezer 5:08

  3. 私のリトルプリンセス (My Little Princess) 3:20

  4. Mr. Cloud 5:45

  5. A Part of Your Life 4:17

  6. Borderline in Shadow 6:14

  7. ラップ・トップ・ブルース (Lap Top Blues) 8:28

  8. Tonight 4:15

About this product

J-Pop, if the J stands for Jazz. Eiko loosens the instrumental reins and cracks her songwriter's code, writing in two languages to achieve the proper remove from her subjects. You can only regain life when you accept death, and throw yourself into the sea!