posted October 17th, 2014

On November 18th, Drag City re-aquaints the world with Japan’s greatest (yeah, we said it) pop export—Eiko Ishibashi! The American release of Car and Freezer combines both the Japanese and English versions of the record, with Eiko’s delicate vocals sweeping through both languages. Car and Freezer has a swinging openness, with loose, rolling rhythms suitable to the exploritory mood and introspective nature of Eiko's songs. Consisting of Toshiaki Sudo, Hatano Atsuko, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa and Jim O’Rourke (who also produced the album), Eiko's band plays with a precision and intuition that complements the mood and color of Eiko's songs with harmonious results. As with any piece of music that's been touched by Jim O'Rourke, interesting and unconventional sounds are well-defined in the mix, providing an appropriate sense of the unexpected!

So c'mon now, take a stroll with Eiko down the streets of Japan in the brand new video for “A Part Of Your Life,” the first single from Car and Freezer! Multi-layered composites showcase The Land Of The Rising Sun's urban jungle, with Eiko's voice gracefully burning through the imagery like hot, sung commentary. A kaleidoscope of limbs engaged in a swift waltz shimmer as the piano bounces on, reminding us to stop dreaming and to awaken with life! Car and Freezer is availble for pre-order on October 21st; until then, watch “A Part of Your Life!”

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