posted October 31st, 2014

The early 1970s was a good time to be The Source Family. They were all together in one big house in LA, they had their restaurant, and best of all they had their Father! But they also had a comet to inspire them and the ever-expanding universe of the spirit to meditate upon and be one with. This was, like, THE TIME for gettting together in a  big group and doing such meditations - the Source Family were grooving on a vibrational plane that extended farther around the planet than ever before (and maybe farther ever than today, we haven't gotten our vibrational meter fixed since OM blew it out a couple years back)! The proof was in the press - there were independent papers and periodicals springing up all around the country that were free of the restrictions of the establishment mindset. The East Village Other! The Berkeley Barb! The Chicago Seed! The Los Angeles Free Press! The Bugle-American! The truth was no longer "out there" it was "among us." Father and his Source Family understood the value of advertising. As the culture grew and changed all around them, they weren't content to stay on the sidelines. Their double-spread advert in Variety is infamous, but more within the countercultural stream are these pieces placed in the Whole Earth Catalog:

We're reprinting them today because we've got deluxe editions of both Kohoutek and Savage Sons of Yahowa coming out on November 18th! Pressed on vinyl for the first time since the time of these advertisements, Kohoutek and Savage Sons of Yahowa represent two sides of the Source Family sound - one, Father jamming with The Spirit of '76 (later, Yahowa13) in a deep, extended musical meditation; and two, the younger boys on their own, playing without Yahowa and yet with his spirit inside them as they lay down a series of short rock songs with Electron fronting them and doing the singing. FINALLY! These essential pieces of Source lore - sold in The Source restaurant back in the day - will now be available in deluxe editions, with all original inserts! It's as if the comet is coming back again - or maybe? IT NEVER LEFT.

Artists in this story: YaHoWha 13, Father Yod, The Source Family