posted November 13th, 2014

That Callahan man is always moving - sometimes in darkness, while we sleep, unnoticed - sometimes to and fro countries near and far... but all the way out to the Far East? Now that may just be a first! But how far is too far, really, when you're Bill Callahan? Whereever Bill Callahan surfaces, it's always news with a captial freakin' N! As in Not Nippon - not this time anyway! This set of sets just happens to be the type of Shanghai surprise that actually gets us up in the morning. Performing as a duo with axman Matt Kinsey accompanying on whisper-to-a-shred-duty, these shows will be unique and eventful - both for Bill, and the fresh sets of ears and eyes receiving the Dream River Man for the first time. Beginning in China with a solid week of shows before jetting off to Seoul, Korea, the man who not so long ago dubbed himself havin' fun with God takes a turn towards the god-blessed masses of Taipei before finishing things off in the country within a city, Singapore! Oh, to hear the sounds of Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, or Apocalypse, for the first time live (again)! Once you've had a bit of live Callahan, you can't stand to go for another human, (wo)man! Making new fans world wide is no longer the exception, it's the rule - and Bill Callahan while rule when he brings it to Asia beginning November 16th!

11/16/14 191 Space Guangzhou, China
11/18/14 Vox Livehouse Wuhan, China
11/21/14 Yugong Yishan Beijing, China
11/22/14 CMK Livehouse Ningbo, China
11/23/14 Shanhai Symphony Orchestra: Chamber Hall Shanghai, China
11/26/14 Sangsangmadang Live Hall Seoul, Republic of Korea
11/28/14 The Wall Taipei Taiwan, Province of China
11/30/14 The Substation Singapore, Singapore

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