Bill Callahan

Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle


Drag City
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  1. Jim Cain 4:39

  2. Eid Ma Clack Shaw 4:20

  3. The Wind and The Dove 4:34

  4. Rococo Zephyr 5:43

  5. Too Many Birds 5:27

  6. My Friend 5:12

  7. All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast 5:52

  8. Invocation of Ratiocination 2:41

  9. Faith/Void 9:44

About this product

First whales, now eagles. The man of Smog has really taken to this nature thing and we're digging it, too! Fancy (and fanciful) arrangements give the perfect highlights to Bill's deep rumbler of a voice on this second outing under his "new" name.