posted December 2nd, 2014

Rods of light carve through city-vision, clouds roll like ocean waves: these are the seductive sounds of Eiko Ishibashi, found on her brand new LP, Car and Freezer, as well as the sights subliminally represented in the video for its song, "Mr. Cloud." The song kicks off with a bass drum featuring Bonham-like reverberation, but as the organ tones haze their way into frame, a liquid relaxation overtakes the proceedings. Trumpet gives way to the textured delicacy of Eiko's voice - and the tune rolls in with patience and narcotic. The emotional you may feel remnants of Talk Talk permeating, but Eiko ditches those smoke and mirrors with ease, pushing her music into more mature territory. A truly discerning ear might recognize the production tones of one Jim O'Rourke, Mr. J-Pop! Jimbo produced the entirety of Car and Freezer and plays on it as well - like he did with Ms. Ishibashi's previous LP, Imitation of Life. We know what you're thinking - small world, right? Sure sounds like it! Directed by Michinori Saigo, the video for "Mr. Cloud" is best served chilled - or Freezered! -  like the finest white wine or saki. Of course, it's your life, or imitation thereof, so drink whatever you want, as long as you do it while watching the video for "Mr. Cloud" and grab the LP issue of Car and Freezer in the aftermath!

Artists in this story: Jim O'Rourke, Eiko Ishibashi