posted December 10th, 2014

The world is changing for Jessica Pratt, getting smaller and more connected as its human population becomes acquainted with her music. Take "Back, Baby," the first single off her forthcoming album, On Your Own Love Again, for instance - no seriously, you can take it for free, baby, we won't ask for it back! - and tell us it doesn't make you wanna find a way to reach for someone through the unbearable delicacy of time and space. Whether near or far removed, we're all still in this together, people! In just under four minutes, Jessica makes to heal the world through music with her carefully crafted observation of a relationship's end. Words like these fall well in the holiday days, especially when plaited with such incisive and shining melodies - but they're gonna pour down like silver in the near year, just wait. That's when On Your Own Love Again comes out - January 27th, can't wait! -  but it's also when Jessica takes a giant step across the planet, travelling to the marvelous land of OZ. Relax,residers of the northern hemisphere; it's nothing permanent, just a tour-date or t'ree! So when the calendar flips and just before the release date, get your tix to Australia (expensive but fun, we're told) to attend the first Pratt shows of the year. No one hestitates in life or beats around the bush in Australia, so don't you either, please! But if all else fails, know that On Your Own Love Again is winging it's way to your ear's hands, one step nearer your turntable every day. Jessica tours Australia, you buy On Your Own Love Again - sounds like a great new year! And that's just January. 

1/6/15 The Toff in Town Melbourne Victoria Australia
1/8/15 City Recital Hall Angel Place Sydney New South Wales Australia
1/10/15 Sydney Festival Sydney New South Wales Australia
2/25/15 The Chapel San Francisco CA Noise Pop Festival

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