posted February 3rd, 2015

Time is a mystery - whether it's passing you by or carryin' ya along, it's up to The Silence to conquer its enigmatic path! On first listen, it's as if The Silence, led by former Ghost front-man, Masaki Batoh, has transported us to a different time-- one in which the existence of auto tune and digital music have yet to be imagined! Analog, 24-track studios, tape - all touchstones for Batoh, and essential to the sound of The Silence. As these pure elements become scarcer today, Batoh and The Silence burn an eternal torch for the ideal time wherein their use was not only de rigueur, but an example of music recorded to the highest of standards - all one has to do is listen to "Lemon Iro No Cannabis" to understand why!  

Drawing deep into a collective musical soul that extends many eras into the past, "Lemon Iro No Cannabis" fills the air with the richness of powerful rock and roll and the deep mystic resonance of ancient traditional musics. "Lemon Iro No Cannabis" wastes no time declaring its massive presence: the song immediately explodes with a bass rich melody before unfolding into a myriad of paisley paths. Setting the solid  guitar-bass-drum table with Hammond Organ, Wurly, and baritone sax, "Lemon Iro No Cannabis" is a true sonic feast!  By the song's finale, we're even treated to an alluring flute solo courtesy of Ryuichi Yoshida that would make Herbie Mann jealous. The Silence takes you for a sky high journey, revealing itself deep within your subconscious - stop listening to us, listen to "Lemon Iro No Cannabis"!

Remember what the door mouse said? Feed your head and check out The Silence, out March 24th!

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