posted February 6th, 2015

Since the discovery of Death in 2008 and the release of the archival LP ...For The Whole World To See, the story has been often told: three African-American brothers: David, Dannis and Bobby Hackney, tapped into the surging energy of their hometown rock-and-roll scene (mid-70s Detroit) to produce a style and a set of songs that, while completely unappreciated in their day, proved later to be a powerful missing link in the evolution of punk rock.

It's been an EPIC time since 2008: Death began playing live again to large and grateful audiences, meanwhile issuing two additional archival records, Spiritual-Mental-Physical, and III. The release of the documentary A Band Called Death took the band farther into the public consciousness than it appeared even the music could. During this time, the question always asked was, Will there be a new record? Now, there literally is - Death and Drag City are proud to bring you the true (non-archival) follow-up to ...For The Whole World To See - out April, 21st, 2015, get ready for N.E.W.

Inspired by the positivity brought to them by ever-increasing numbers of new fans, the current performing Death (Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney, and Bobbie Duncan) completed several songs started back in the late 1970s by Bobby and David, and composed entirely new songs that continue the timeless vibe, feel and resolve of Death with remarkable drive and vigor. N.E.W. surveys the of the whole Death story, making a statement that screams to the soul. April 21st, 2015! Time once again for DEATH! Listen to the first N.E.W. single, "Look At Your Life" now!

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