posted February 25th, 2015

Mike Polizze and his band of gnarled up luv-bros, otherwise known as Purling Hiss, are one again cooking to boil over! Having hibernated much of the winter to rest up from the rigors of their North American tour last fall, the Hiss are poised to crash the grids of the international zone: Europeans all over, rev up them tube amps, it's time to fry! Re-acquaint yourself with Weirdon, the explosive, fist-pumping guitar-gasm with more hits per square inch than Rocky Balboa's face, released in the Autumnal months of 2014. Time moves on, but the tunes of Weirdon pack a timeless punch, jabbing the masochistic jib in all of us.

"Learning Slowly"? That's why we're here - Purling Hiss are ready to break you from your wintery "Forcefield of Solitude!" When you experience Purling Hiss live, you get your radio-curio rock anthems pumped into your every orifice via searing-hot tidal waves of amplification. It's an invigorating, downright cleansing sensation. Get the February soot scraped right off you, go see Purling Hiss!

3/4/15 OT301 Amsterdam Netherlands

3/5/15 Hafenklang Hamburg Germany

3/6/15 Stengade Copenhagen Denmark

3/7/15 Vera Groningen Netherlands

3/8/15 Cassiopeia Berlin Germany

3/9/15 Klub 007 Prague Czech Republic

3/10/15 Arena Vienna Austria

3/12/15 Altrove - Teatro Della Maddalena Genova Italy

3/13/15 Covo Club Bologna Italy

3/14/15 Tender Club Florence Italy

3/16/15 Grrnd Zero Lyon France

3/17/15 Almo2Bar Barcelona Spain

3/18/15 El Chicho Bordeaux France

3/19/15 L'Espace B Paris France

3/20/15 Het Bos Antwerp Belgium

3/21/15 Bleach Brighton United Kingdom

3/22/15 The Oobleck Birmingham United Kingdom

3/23/15 Broadcast Glasgow United Kingdom

3/24/15 The Shipping Forecast Liverpool United Kingdom

3/25/15 Corsica Studios London United Kingdom

3/26/15 Hall of Fame Tilburg Netherlands

3/27/15 dB's Studios Utrecht Netherlands

3/28/15 Beursschouwburg Brussels Belgium

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