posted May 5th, 2015

There's so much that comes to mind when we think of Jim O'Rourke's music! It brings to mind such heroic images as deep and wide analog soundstages, the durability of physical formats like LP and CD, and the all-round weakness and fallibility of the digital music-sphere! For decades, as digital has empirically ascended the gastro-body of our international music gen-pop and burrowed itself, hearing aid-style, adjacent to the ear-bud canal, O'Rourke fans everywhere have held their breath in anticipation of a file with the sonic acumen to fully detail the intricacies of their hero. And even if such a digital replica were to become possible, would Jimbo truly acquiesce, allowing his life's songs to be squeezed into a file so small that it cannot be gripped? After much thoughtful discourse, deliberation, and inadvertent strangulation, it would appear the answer is, FLAC-solutely (oh PONO we didn't!)!

Thus today, we're happy to announce that FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER (WHAT), the Jim O'Rourke catalog is not just available on LP and CD, but digitally, too! Available exclusively from Drag City, everyone with a computer can finally rip authorized, digital versions of Bad Timing, Eureka, Halfway To A Threeway, Insignificance, The Visitor, and yes, even Simple Songs (on May 18th!). They're FLAC files, baby! Lossless, bitches - know what that means? If so, please email us! Or you know what? Don't - just BELIEVE that these are the finest possible digitally-delivered representation of the O'Rourkian experience, reluctantly sanctioned by the man himself, who would prefer that you listen to his music on LP while residing in a cave sufficiently far from him that he never has to worry about seeing or hearing from you again! Don't disappoint him (further), take advantage of this uniquely exclusive experience today!


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